During last two years, interest in turkey breeding has suddenly increased. Because of that, we became engaged in this kind of production too, which includes incubation of hatching turkey eggs and organizing our fattening of turkey. We chose the heavy hybrid "BIG-6" which proved itself by showing excellent fattening characteristics.

Annually we produced aproximately 1.000 tons of turkey meat. Thanks to do turkey production, the customers can find on our market turkey meat as grill-turkeys, confectionary, as cured turkey meat and processed into salamies.

The total surface of the farm for turkey fattening is 10.000 m2 so that we are able to produce 90.000 turkeys, in two cycles per a year. Total production is about 1.200.000 kg of live weight of turkeys, while the duration of a cycle is 16-20 weeks.

The farm is equiped with modern feeding and drinking system which satisfies the strict technological standards for a successful turkey fattening.

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