Beginning of work and taking interest in poultry manufacturing of DOO "Srbokoka Promet" company is connected with the year 1985. By the middle of the year 1987. the company expanded the service and commercial activities in the field of poultry to the building of the farming premisses for production of commercial eggs.

In the following years the activities of the company were significantly enlarged, so that nowadays they include:
  • rearing and exploitation of the parentstock material both the light and heavy hybrid
  • production of commercial layers and eggs
  • production of the equipment for poultry rearing
  • production of animal's feed with own transport of raw materials and ready mixtures to the farms

During the last two years, program of turkey fattening has been reintroduced as well as the entirely new program of complete manufacturing of extruders for processing of soybean grains.

The above mentioned production program is accomplished by the efforts of 120 employees belonging to different qualification profiles, from qualified to highly skilled workers belonging to economic, mechanical engineering's and agricultural proffesions.



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