Egg-grading machine MS18

It is intended for egg-grading on small and medium capacity farms. It is used for optical control of the eggs. After being sorted, the eggs come out to the working table with seven classes of gradation.

Technical characteristics:
Capacity: 1680 eggs/h
Motor: 0.1 kW, 220 V, 50 Hz
Light: 1 x 8 W fluo
Operators: 1
Dimensions: 850 x 880 x 350 mm

Egg-grading machine MS40

It is intended for egg grading on medium capacity farms. It is feeded by a two-line conveyor. Machine MS40 is used for optical control of eggs and equiped by an auxiliary table for putting the cartons aside.

Technical characteristics:
Capacity: 3600 eggs/h
Sorting: 7 classes
Motor: 0.24 kW, 220 v, 50 Hz
Light: 2 x 15 W fluo
Operators: 2
Dimensions: 176 x 130 x 121 cm
Weight: 200 kg

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